Thursday, February 18, 2010

Long lunch, the park, daffodils

Thursday afternoon 3BT:

1. Lunch hour today lasted for ages. It was an hour, like it always is, but it was just so relaxed and seemed like so much longer. I love it when I don't have to rush anywhere, and can just sit for a while.

2. The bell just rang, the sun is shining, and I'm on my way to pick up the boys and take them to the park. Dinner's in the slow cooker, so I don't have to worry. It'll be ready when we walk in the door after a good long play on the swings.

3. We have daffodils blooming in our front yard!!!

How about you? What's your 3BT today?


  1. 1. My post about best friends and hearing about yours. I love deep soul feeling relationships with other women. It's amazing isn't it?

    2. Dinner at my fiance's parents house. The yummy maccaronni casserole his mom made and making jokes with his father. I told max as we were holding hands and going home that i would marry him for his family alone. I love he comes from good people :)

    3. the olympics. Team USA. ;) the pride and the connection between such elite athletes. Oh and let's not forget my gorgeous olympian Apolo Ohno. Yum!


  2. AH! I LOVE daffodils! They're my all-time favorite flower! Sigh...


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