Thursday, February 18, 2010

DIY Dreams

We went shopping a few weekends ago. For a toilet. One that isn't mustard yellow. We had a marvellous time, looking at all the pretend bathrooms they had set up in the shop. Bathrooms with huge soaker tubs and lovely pedestal sinks, all pristine and white and beautiful. It was fun, and not too discouraging... some of the things we saw were even affordable!

We ordered a toilet, and a sink (lovely white ones!), and we've got big plans for updating and prettying up our horrid 1970s bathroom. It's got me dreaming now, dreaming of all the things I'd like to do to our house. We're pretty positive that we're going to stay here, in our split-level, with its good sized rooms, hardwood floors and nice big yard. We love our street, our quiet neighbourhood, our close proximity to the lake and trails, the grocery store, the post office, Starbucks... As time goes by, and as we (hopefully) have more money, we will tackle the renovating, one room at a time. It will take years and years, but it will be our very own space, and we will be so proud of it. There's no way we could ever afford to buy our dream house, so we'll just have to create it.

Here's a little bit of what I have in mind:

An entryway with stylish storage space. Clean and bright.

Maybe with a place to put the keys and the mail. And a boot tray! I love the idea of a boot tray.

I would love to have a home office where I could write letters, read email, blog... I love the vibrant splashes of colour in this bright, white space.

This one is pretty great, too. Look at the terrific use of such a small space. I love that it's two-sided.

A gorgeous bedroom sanctuary, complete with comfy chair for reading... and a fireplace! I have always dreamed of having a bedroom with a fireplace in it. It's so "A Little Princess," isn't it?

The perfect family-friendly dining room. I think this one is beautiful. I love the huge windows, the combination of the wood and the paint colour. And nothing is so nice as fresh cut flowers on the table.

Imagine doing laundry in a room that looks like this! It would be a joy. I adore that light fixture.

I know it is so totally unrealistic to have a creamy white living room when we're raising two little boys (boys who are dirt magnets!), but isn't this beautiful? So serene. And hey, this is my dream house, so I'm allowed to have a white living room, right?

How about this for a fabulous family kitchen? I love the island, the wooden countertops, the chalkboard on the cabinet door. I would love to have a door that leads outside from the kitchen, too.

I'd like this for a little sitting room off the kitchen. A place to sit and drink my tea. Light and bright.

A big front porch, with a swing? Yes, please!

Oh yeah, and the bathroom. That's where this all started, wasn't it? I would love to have big windows in the bathroom that would let the sunlight come flooding in. A deep tub to soak in. Thick, fluffy bath towels. And wainscoting would be an absolute must.

Ooh, that was fun! Next time... kids' rooms, and the garden. I'll start gathering photos now.

In the meantime, tell me~ what would your dream home look like?

bedroom via decorology
home office via decorology
bathroom via design inc
all others via tiny white daisies (that Cassie knows what I like!)


  1. We have very similar tastes it seems!! Interiors are my favourite bit about Tumblr, I get so many wonderful ideas from there.
    I think if we swapped and decorated each others houses we would be happy with the results don't you think!

  2. Erin!! This post is such eye candy for me. I'm drooling. Every single photo I like. And those desk areas with all that organization -- it's precisely what I need right now.

    Can I tell you again how happy I am that I got you in my Valentine's Swap?

  3. That is one amazing dream home! Long ago I designed myself a dream cabin with a tree growing through it, a rock climbing wall, loft, rope swing, and giant fireplace. I would still love to have that cabin in the woods somewhere, but maybe that could be my vacation home and my real home could be a cute bungalow strangely reminiscent of yours! :)

  4. I love the picture with the color swatches, I saw that in Martha Stewart also...except I don't think I have enough color coordinated things to make it work, haha

  5. Can I come live with you in your dream house? I'll be in charge of cleaning the boot trays.

  6. Hurray for the new toilets!!! :) though i think i would have loved the mustard color. ha!

    i love your taste. It's modern yet still feels like a home... i think you absolutely need a nice sofa to read in and a little organized space for your crafts and letter writing!

    i'll come over to your dream house and we can sip a dharma beer while swinging on the swing of your lovely covered porch. I can see it!


  7. Awesome. Did you know that your laundry room light that you like so much is the same one Mom has in her kitchen?

  8. Cassie- absolutely. I'd do Changing Rooms with you, no problem!

    Brandi- I'm glad you got me, too. We can aspire to get organized together!

    Kimbirdy- The cabin in the woods sounds lovely. Can it be on a lake, please?

    {Lovely Little Things}- Martha has some delightful home decor ideas. If only we teachers were made of money...

    Risti Megan- my boot trays are your boot trays! Clean away... (but I warn you, my boys track in mud like nobody's business)

    Micaela- Oh, I love it! A hot summer afternoon, a cold Dharma beer, a porch swing, you & me discussing LOST... Sounds perfect!


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