Saturday, February 20, 2010


... these fabulous vintage dresses from the 1950s. {click on the photo to see the larger version, and all 4 dresses} I would love to have one to wear this Easter. But alas, I'd have to go all the way to Copenhagen to get one! Aren't they lovely though? I think my favourite is the one on the left. Which one is yours?

via wee birdy (go see more fab photos there!)


  1. Good morning Erin !
    Oh, these dresses are fabulous! My favorite one is also the one on the left ;o) Is spring around the corner in your area?
    Have a wonderful Sunday & greetings from Paris!

  2. Love those dresses too, I must say she has portrayed Copenhagen better than I can remember. Haven't been there for years, but maybe I should go again.

  3. I like the one in the middle. These are great. And what a cute shop! You know, I think I better add Copenhagen to my list of places to visit...

  4. Hi Erin :),

    these are so gorgeous!! i love vintage dresses and pretty much anything floral. i have to say that my favorite is the one in the middle, but they're all quite beautiful! :)

    happy sunday!


  5. Erin, would look positively dreamy in one of those gowns! :)

    To Copenhagen you must go, little lady! :)

  6. j'adore the one on the right! love love love - so adorable!

    There is this great website that you would love if you love these dresses...

    It's and this is one of my favorites...

    so so adorable!

    VW: monisms - phrases popular in Jamaica

  7. I think you would love the dresses in this shop:

  8. Je prefère the dress on the right... love that bright-blue sash! Don't these dresses make you think of a certain French picnic plan...? xoxo

  9. I like the green sash dress the best...but they are all my style.

    And yes, the Eiffel Tower is half-way "built." I'll definitely post when it's finished :)

  10. the middle one! :) i think when we get together for our tea party, the dress must consist of something along the lines of these... what do you think? ;)

    ps. did i tell you i was excited you were working on a letter for me? cos I AM!!! ;)

  11. Oh so pretty! Did you ever see Pushing Daisies? Chuck, the main character {female} wears the most adorable dresses like these - how I drooled over them! Maybe someday my sewing skills will be more developed and I will be able to make these sorts of dresses just my size on the cheap.

  12. oh these so much. i love both far right and far left....but i think i would have to switch out the ribbon to be pink...oh sweet pink! these are so lovely!


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