Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why I love being a librarian

One of my favourite students came to see me today (okay, yes, I admit it, I have favourites... I wouldn't be human if I didn't... but I won't mention any names!) She wanted to thank me for recommending a series of books to her. They are my favourite books from childhood, the Betsy-Tacy books. And oh! I was just so happy to hear everything she had to say. Her face lit up when she talked about the characters, and told me how she put herself "in Betsy's shoes and imagined I was her." She's on the final book, and already feeling sad that the experience will soon be over. The great thing about books, I reminded her, is that you can read them over and over again. And I just know she will. I love that I was able to share this book with her. It's old, but oh so good, and she might never have come across it otherwise.

Moments like this, I know I'm doing a good job. And it makes me smile.

PS: Not only did she come to see me, she left me a little thank-you note in my box in the office. A girl after my own heart, I tell you!

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  1. def. after your own heart :)

    I KNEW teacher's have favorites. ha! i don't blame you, i would do the same. Oh i should have been a teacher...

    esp. with darling stories like this. This made me all kinds of happy!

    how she's feeling is how i'm feeling over the whole twilight saga... i kid you not- i'm monitoring how much i read of "breaking dawn" cos i don't want it to end. LOL

    i'm remembering one of my childhood favorites... "A wrinkle in time." I remember i had to do a book review where we actually told our librarian about it (the summary). BLESS HER HEART, i rambled on and on so excitedly (like your girl there) and of course, try summarizing that book though right?

    magical... simply magical.

    (sorry to go off on a tagent!)

  2. I'm so happy you commented so I could find you! I, too, am one that loves thank you notes. She is a favourite, and rightfully so.

    And Micaela, I almost got 'A Wrinkle in Time' to send out for the book swap - it was my absolute favorite as a kid and I must have read it 100 times because my copy is falling apart.

  3. You are officially the 'Story Book Lady' xx


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