Thursday, January 28, 2010

You like?

Have you noticed the big change above? I spent far too long today trying to get my new header just right. My internet connection was slow and the photos I chose kept stretching weirdly, but in the end I got this, and I'm pretty happy with it. The old header was oh-so-boring, and it didn't capture the essence of Pughs' News at all. This one's better, wouldn't you agree?

E xo


  1. i love it!!!! it's perfect :)

    i like the font too!!!!

    when you figure out how to do 3 columns... let me know! i'm not one for those blog tutorials ;)

    Erin, guess what's coming up?!??! LOST!!!! sooooo excited.

  2. i popped in earlier today and i was going to tell you how cute i think it is. your sweet boys looking like they could be getting into a bit of trouble! cute.
    almost friday friend! woot woot!

  3. Micaela, not sure if I'll ever be that technologically savvy as to be able to handle three columns! And yes... LOST!!!!!! 5 days from now we will be watching! You're a few time zones ahead of me... so no spoilers. We'll have to wait to discuss until Wednesday!

    Katrina, Oh yes, those boys of mine do get up to mischief! Friday tomorrow... hurrah! Any fun plans?

  4. I love it! Adore that font...adore it! So fresh, and so perfectly sums up exactly what I love about Pughs News! :)

    Isn't formatting headers on Blogger the absolute worst? Ugh. I've thought about changing mine a thousand times, but remember what a headache it was the last time I changed it!

  5. love the header. your boys are adorable.

  6. I love it and agree it sums up what 'Pugh's News' is about!

    I have been trying to stretch my 2 columns for ages but I just cannot seem to get it right!


  7. ooooo i love the new header, erin! way too cute.

    it took me ages and ages to get mine to show up - i was able to refomat everything else but my header was broken or something. i'm so glad i have it figured out, because it adds so much personality!

  8. I'm a new visitor, but have to say I totally adore your top photo! Your boys are so darn cute!! It's nice to meet you through the book swap! Really neat to meet a librarian too! As for the inscription... I bet if we write from the heart it will turn out just fine!


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