Friday, January 15, 2010

Procrastinate? Moi?

I should not be blogging right now. The boys are asleep and I should be folding laundry, putting away dishes, sweeping the kitchen floor, pouring myself a cup of tea (I brewed the pot at least 15 minutes ago...) and planning tonight's dinner. I should be getting a fire started (it's chilly in here) and dusting the mantle and the coffee table. Instead, I am sitting here, reading blogs, perusing Etsy shops, checking email, reading up on LOST theories and looking at promo pics (2 and a half weeks to go!)... and, needless to say, enjoying myself immensely. All except for that little niggling voice in my head, the one that keeps saying, "Log off, Erin. You've got work to do. And at the very least, there's that cup of tea to drink!" Guess I'd better listen to it, huh? Before I know it, the boys will be awake and we'll be on the run once more.

Ciao, bellas! But just before I go, tell me... what are you avoiding on this Friday afternoon? And what fun things are you doing instead?

E xo

photo of my tv boyfriend, Sawyer... via Nik at Nite


  1. oh my goodness, it's like I wrote this post! haha. totally procrastinating right now. the blog world has sucked me in this friday... I told myself five minutes ago, "ok, Carissa, time to get back to work" and then I saw your comment and here I am! but really, I'm going to "log off" now. but not before I "follow." thanks for following me! :)

    happy weekend!

  2. clearly I am avoiding work since I'm reading your blog. I must say, I'm intruiged by the change in style. You'll have to fill me in when I see you.

  3. I should be writing reports for my clients, filling out forms to gain hours at my internship, getting groceries, cleaning the house, practicing the mandolin, and paying a couple bills. But what am i doing? knitting, drinking celebratory chai (for going to the gym today), watching 30 Rock, and reading blogs during the commercials. Perfect!

  4. eek, i HAVE to catch up on my LOST. i stopped in the middle of last season and have been meaning to catch up. perhaps i'll do that online this weekend.

    and Sawyer... every time he calls her "freckles"... LOVE.

    i avoided redoing my resume today. I neeeeed to get it done, i realize, but there's something terrifying about applying for a job when i so loved my old one. wish me luck... i'm hoping to send some out monday. (this economy is so scary right now)

    xoxo hope yours was as darling as you e!

  5. Dylan still naps????? Who cares about anything else you have some time to yourself,do what pleases you, the rest will get done eventually! I am soooo jealous!

  6. Eee, I can't wait for Lost to come back! Although, that means we'll be closer to the finale, which is no fun at all!

    Anyway, I'm more of a Jack girl myself, but Sawyer has definitely grown on me in recent seasons :)


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