Thursday, January 14, 2010

Planning ahead

With Valentine's Day exactly a month away, I'm thinking of some fun little projects I can do with the boys, besides our traditional Valentine tree and tea party. Dylan has a lot of kids in his preschool class this year, and I think he'd love to make these festive little boxes for them. Aren't they cute? And perfect for the Valentine Swap I'm taking part in. (Just can't help myself. I love sending and receiving mail! And this way I'm guaranteed to receive lots of love in the post...) Time to break out the red, white and pink paper, the scissors and glue. Lots of glue! And maybe some glitter. Sawyer will be in his glory.


  1. Those boxes are very cute. Oh to be a little kid again!

  2. If I was a little one in his class I would keel over with excitement if I got one of these boxes :)

  3. so much fun!!!!

    i joined the swap! i'm a little antsy with my creative side but how can you go wrong with lace hearts, construction paper, and glitter right? :)

    oh how i miss passing out cards to my classroom in grade school.

  4. thanks for linking to the swap, erin! those little boxes would be such a cute gift for the kids in your son's class! i love that you do little valentine's activities with them. my mom used to make it such a special holiday for us, and i hope to do the same some day for my own future little ones!

  5. These boxes are just gorgeous and the possibilities are endless with them! Love that you do activities with the boys too for Valentines. Loved your little tree when I read back xx

  6. I believe I saw these boxes last year and they are still just as cute as they were then! such a great idea and really they could be done for any holiday or occasion, just use different colors!

    and that's so funny that you have a Valentine tree and tea party! my family never really did anything for Valentine's Day, though I do remember passing out Valentines at school. my mom only started getting me cards or little gifts after I mentioned that my best friend's mom did! :)

  7. so sweet...a little box made with love, filled with candies and sent off with care! love this.


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