Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finished, Mr Fix-It, the end in sight

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I have been having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad weekend. A sick kid + lack of sleep + a stupid accident that ripped the front right off my van (not. even. kidding.) all add up to one miserable me. I think I'll make some tea and send myself these virtual flowers in an attempt to cheer myself up. I should probably attempt a 3BT as well... Hmmm. Okay, how about this?

1. Dylan has stopped throwing up and seems to be perking up quite a bit. Sawyer has had a temperature, but it seems to be over, too. Oh, and my new washing machine is a godsend!

2. At least my brother is able to repair the van and so it will only cost hundreds (and not thousands) of dollars to fix it.

3. It's January 17th, which means this wretched month is more than half over.

How's that? You can't say I didn't try...


  1. oh sweet girl, i wish i could send you some flowers! :( i'm glad you are okay and not hurt from said accident but i just know how frustrating that is... luckily you have someone who knows about cars. Do you know that's been one of my life wishes? to have a good friend that knew something about cars? so lucky you have a brother and yes, hundreds (boo) is better than thousands. I'm soooo sorry for your awful weekend :(

    but just like sweet you to see the bright side of things.

    i hope the boys feel better soon, and you too. huge hugs across the ocean xoxo

    ps. i giggled at your comment on my LOST hiatus ;) i think i may have to catch up tonight.

  2. oh no - what a horrible weekend. hope they boys feel all the way better soon... i bet that can make everything pretty miserable. i'm trying to look at the bright side of things lately, too. January gets me down, and this one has been particularly rough. I was actually planning a little post about things that make me smile lately, since life in general has been a little pooey. thanks for inspiring me... and here's to a better week!

  3. January is always bad for me...hope things start to look up soon!

  4. Oh dear, what a weekend but hopefully after today, which I heard on the radio is called 'Blue Monday' because its the worst day of the year, your luck will change!
    Glad to hear you are safe after the accident but it is still rubbish that you have to pay hundreds to fix it.
    I have a HUGE email in the making for your inbox and a tiny weeny one making its way now to hopefully cheer you a little.
    Hope the boys are better this morning and no-one else gets ill

  5. Oh I'm sorry you've had such a miserable weekend! That's a lot all piled up at once. I hope you can find a little bit of time to do something really great for yourself. You deserve a reward!

  6. OHHHHHHHH my gosh - I'm so sorry to hear about your horrid weekend. And sorry I couln't come over and cheer you up with tea cookies and a chat - sniffle, sniffle. I hopw you are okay and the boys are better from thier bout. Take care of yourselves and just remember what Pa says "alls well that ends well" But I know you to always be looking at the bright side. Take care my lovely friend!


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