Monday, January 18, 2010

A little help from my friends

Things are looking up! Did you read my recent tale of woe? If so, then you know it's been a lousy couple of days. But the thing about having days like these is that they almost always end up with your friends rallying around. And what could be better than that? I had calls from my sister and my mom, hugs from my brother (aka Mr Fix-It), many kind comments from all of you (thanks!), and at least 12 messages of encouragement on my Facebook page! Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I got a surprise phone call from my dearest friend Em (suffering from jetlag, she was up at some ungodly hour in France and knew I'd be awake still and in need of some cheering up after my weekend from hell!) It was such a nice surprise. We chatted away for ages, giggled about silly things, and I felt so much better after I hung up.

And then this morning, I arrived at work to discover this virtual daisy bouquet in my inbox! My lovely blogging friend Cassie sent it to me, along with a sweet little note. They make me think of that scene in You've Got Mail where Meg Ryan says, "Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?" They really are. And I have the friendliest friends, some that I've known forever and others I've never met. I'm a lucky girl.

Erin xo

PS: The boys are feeling way better. Still a bit tired and a wee bit whiny, but nothing we can't handle!


  1. awwww i'm so glad to hear you are in better spirits and on a monday? this week is going to be lovely for lovely you-- i can just feel it!

    is there anything better than catching up with a friend who KNOWS you'd be up for some good girl chat?

    and how sweet of Cassie :)

    so glad to hear your PS.

    ooh and guess what Erin? i forgot the golden globes were on last night so i wasn't able to catch up on LOST last night BUT! my darling fiance put it on netflix thru the computer and voila! it's saved onto our tv. I'M SO EXCITED to discuss with you and catch up ;)

    happy start to your new week. xoxo

  2. glad to hear your feeling better and that things are looking up! life is much easier when one sticks to their 3BT, eh?

    hope things continue to look up on this wonderful tuesday morning.



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