Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday gratitude

I feel like I've been moaning too much lately about my little problems and my dislike of January. So, for a change of pace, and in an attempt to see the glass as (at least) half full, here's a list of things that make me happy at the moment. My more than 3BT, if you will...

~ Alan was able to stay home today to look after Dylan (who is sick again, poor little guy). We're lucky that he has the kind of job where he can do this on occasion. I think a "Daddy Day" of resting on the couch with some BBC Kids and a bit of Lego-building will be just what the doctor ordered.

~ Sweet little Sawyer at playschool this morning, planning to make a painting for Dylan, with glitter on it (was there ever any doubt?!) to make his big brother feel better.

~ Kelly sent me a nice long email this morning, along with a virtual pot of tea and plate of cookies. I miss Kelly and wish she still lived right around the corner so we could do the tea and cookie thing like we used to, but I'm grateful for the internet, writing paper and long-distance phone plans... all the things that keep us close despite the physical space between us.
~ My running clinic starts tonight. I've got the schedule for the next 14 weeks printed out and ready to post on my fridge. I'll be running 3x a week, and then racing in a 10K run at the end of April! Does this mean I can call myself a "runner" now? Awesome.

~ It's not raining today. There are patches of blue sky peeking through all over the place. Maybe I'll take a lunchtime walk around the block.

~ Cassie is sending me a parcel! Have I ever mentioned how much I love getting mail?

~ Fill Your Well's Kimbirdy gave me the Kreativ Blogger award! Yay!!! (more on this later...)

~ I'm grabbing a quick cup of tea with my sister after school. Guaranteed that we'll find something stupid to laugh our heads off about. And there will be biscotti. Yum.

~ LOST starts again, two weeks from tonight! Have I ever mentioned my deep and abiding love for LOST?

~ Recess. Even now, at 35 years old, I get to have recess every day! 15 minutes of peace and quiet, a cup of tea and a snack. How could you not love recess? There goes the bell... Must run.

But, just before I do... What's on your list of things that make you happy right at this very moment? Do tell.


  1. Lattes. Especially when Philip makes them for me.
    Getting to snuggle with Kilian all night. Downside is he wasn't sleeping and screamed his head off for ages until I brought him to bed with me, and then I didn't sleep so well, but I did get lots of cuddles.
    Tea with my sis of course!!
    Lots of upcoming plans to look forward to. Only a week and a half until the retched month of January is over. I can now get "my" horse to trot around, speed up, slow down, turn and stop. Not bad for lesson two.
    Many more...including LOST!

  2. Today I am happy I finished my email to you! And sent your parcel on its long journey. Promise to keep up more regularly from now on.

    Tea and biscuits at breaktime is just one of the best things about being in school!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you found your award. I didn't have time to let you know this morning. And I can't wait to learn 7 random things about you! :)

    Today I'm SO happy for a new job working as a therapist at an elementary school 6 blocks from my house. I've been working at a high school, but I used to be a kindergarten teacher, so being back around all those adorable kids warmed my heart. OH! and Tazo Chai tea lattes, which were originally my reward for getting things done, but have quickly turned into a daily addiction. Oh dear.

  4. I've been trying to focus on the brightside lately, too - your little reminders help a lot!

    Right now, things that make me smile are my hubby and pup cuddling on the couch, a yummy dinner cooking on the stove and filling our little home with yummy smells, and watching my little students learn to interact with other kids - warms my heart all the time.

  5. Yes you can definately call yourself a runner!
    I still have recess too, its one of my favourite times of day. Today I had a box of sultanas. Having lunch with a friend i havent seen for ahwile is making me happy today (and possibly buying an iphone).

  6. erin you are just simply one of my favourite people. cheers for "more than 3BT!!!!"

    look at you runner! :) i'm insanely jealous and even still will be your greatest cheerleader! i have always wanted to join a fun run or marathon of any kind. I should just do it eh?

    hurray for looking forward to something in the mail from great blogging friends! i'm excited for you :)

    LOST- i am FINALLY catching up!!! i gasped and gasped all the time. lol

    recess- oh i believe in it.

    off to catch up on my (OUR) LOST ;)


  7. nice post...and it's so true...when we look around there is much to be happy about! i've always wanted to be a runner...so i'm super excited for you and your new title! yay!
    right now...i'm happy to hear little luka's heavy peaceful breath and the warmth of a homemade quilt from mom!

  8. I wish I could get myself out running like that. Though a few of the things that makes me happy right now is 2 weeks off work, starting a new job on Feb. 1st, I get to attend a belly/back class at the gym today (have waited about a month to do that), and get to do whatever I feel like the next 2 weeks:)

  9. so easy to forget about what makes us happy in such an awful month as this ( i also hate january. and february is a close second!)
    love your list! so many wonderful things! i have just started watching lost. just started as in season 1! and i am in love. terribly in love.


  10. what a lovely gratitude list. things that are making me happy this week is:

    *cooking dinner at home instead of going out/ordering in
    *clean laundry (ahh, the simple pleasures in life!)
    *cuddling with my puppy :)

  11. OK, so it's already Wednesday in France, but I thought I'd chime in anyway. Here are the things making me happy today:

    - a cup of Awake tea and a chocolate-chip brioche
    - the accordian player at the end of my street
    - the bright blue sky
    - being back in the classroom
    - feeling rested, relaxed and healthy
    - your blog


  12. Sunshine is also on my happy list! Good gosh does it help this time of year...

    Also, getting ready for vacation, new books to read while on said vacation, fun new recipes to try, and being two weeks away from our anniversary! :)

    Can't wait for Lost! Eee!

  13. Sewing is making me happy. Honestly, it is consuming my life and it's very hard, frustrating work, but when you make something that they sell for hundreds of dollars in the stores and it only cost you 7, it's the best feeling in the world.

    PS good luck with running. I am super proud of you!

  14. Something that is making me happy right now is a husband who does the cleaning and the washing so I can get on with my writing.


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