Friday, January 08, 2010


Have I ever mentioned my love of Starbucks and their yummy chai tea lattes? What's that? I have? Oh. Well, anyway... you know what would make my favourite hot beverage even better? Having this fantastic felt sleeve wrapped around it! Is it too early to start a birthday wish list, I wonder?

via kimbirdy's super-cute etsy shop


  1. That is super cute and I may have to go to her shop and get one of those for my friend! and my mom. and my sister-in-law. and my best friend... oh the list could go on forever!

  2. You really should. There are loads of them to choose from. I want the spring-themed one too, when my birthday really does roll around, in April!

    All my girlfriends love Starbucks. I'm positive they'd love the felt sleeves, too!

  3. I'm a little behind on reading my favorite blogs so imagine my surprise when I was catching up on yours and saw one of my cozies! Thank you so much for helping me spread the word!!!


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