Friday, January 08, 2010

For the love of Nie

One of my favourite daily-reads, a blog I love to visit for a bit of perspective when I'm feeling sorry for myself (because, say, my house is a mess or something equally as traumatic), is The NieNie Dialogues. It's written by the amazing Stephanie Nielson, mother of four and plane-crash survivor. Stephanie and her beloved Mr Nielson almost died the day their small plane crashed. They both suffered burns when the plane burst into flames, Stephanie over 84% of her body. When they were finally able to see their children, the children didn't want to see them. Over the past year, they have been re-building their life together as a family, and it is amazing what they have managed to accomplish so far.

Reading this blog makes me cry some days, but I just have to keep going back to it. It is inspirational, reading about her determination and hope, even through the darkest of days. You just can't help but cheer her on.

I've mentioned Nie before, and I'm going to do it again now because I believe that good thoughts and well wishes are contagious, and that, although I am not necessarily the most religious person out there, there is power in prayer. Nie defied the odds when she came out of her coma, when she learned to walk again and when she finally went home to her children after months and months of being in hospital. She endures the stares and comments of ignorant people. She is in pain every day. And yet, she is incredibly brave, and has to be over and over and over again. Stephanie Nielson was beautiful before her accident and she still is, but in a different way. This week sees another round of surgery for Nie, and she's asking for everyone's prayers. She's got mine.

You can read the story of Stephanie and Christian's accident and recovery here. Bring kleenex.

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