Thursday, January 07, 2010

Morning sky, right side of the bed, plans

Thursday lunch hour 3BT:

1. Such a gorgeous sunrise this morning. The sky was a lovely golden pink.

2. We all woke up easily, and (even better) cheerfully, this morning.

3. Making plans with my sister. Plans, plural. Excellent.


  1. The sunrise was super amazing! I stared at it for ages until certain boys made me stop.
    AND I agree, multiple plans is excellent.

  2. Plans? Do tell more and us, with not so interesting lives, can live vicariously thorugh you!

  3. these 3 things make me happy :)

    i've missed you dear friend! thank you for your continued comments, you truly are the sweetest heart ever!

    i am SO glad to know you and that you will be part of my magical 2010 AND my engagement ;) ahhh i'm still pinching myself erin!

    if you have any tips, let me know ;)

    kisses! xo


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