Friday, January 08, 2010

Holiday road trip

Dylan and I took a little trip over Christmas break, to visit Em in Maple Ridge (where she is currently enjoying some quality time with her family before heading back to France). We had fun at the Goode family open house, ate a lot of crepes, and took a Whonnock walk in the freezing cold December air. It was mostly about the transportation, and not as much about the visit as I'd have liked it to be, but what can you do? Be glad for the time we had, and look forward to another visit in the summer, I suppose!

Yay! We're on our way! Dylan was excited to be going on a holiday, just him and Mum. I was pretty excited too. How great to have one-on-one time, just the two of us. It's rare!

After driving out to the ferry, sailing across the Strait, and riding the PCL bus to downtown Vancouver, we caught the skytrain out towards Maple Ridge. Dylan was thrilled! There's nothing this boy loves better than trains.

Here he is, taking a split-second break from looking out the windows, to pose for a quick photo.

The weather was cold when we were there, as you can see from this photo of Whonnock Lake. We went for a walk there and had a fun, but chilly, time.

Large humpback salmon, Em, Dylan.

I wish I'd thought to bring my toque, too!

Francois is highly skilled at pushing kids on the swing, as you can see here. Dylan was in his glory!

Em relives her childhood.

Francois joins her.

On the ferry with Monkey, heading home again. The best part of the trip home was meeting up with Kelly on the 5 o'clock ferry. We couldn't have planned it better if we'd tried... Dylan and I were sitting on the bus at the terminal when we saw Kelly's car pull up! It was so great to have that extra 95 minutes to sit and visit! Dylan was so happy to see his friends, and it made the ride go by so quickly. It was a lovely way to end our time away, and it gave Kel and I a chance to plan a few more get-togethers between the 28th and New Year's Eve. I just wish I'd got a photo of all of us in the ship's cafeteria!

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