Saturday, December 05, 2009

The most Christmasy house on the street

Our little avenue is a festive one. There are lots of houses lit up for the holidays, and one in particular is very impressive. We call it the "Christmas house" and look forward to walking past it on many a winter evening. The owners of the house add to their display every year with a few new pieces. We're doing the same thing, but it will take many years before we're quite that fancy! Dylan, however, is determined that our house be the most Christmasy. Alan and I are happy to indulge him (because hey, we love the holidays, too!) So we are really going all out this year. We're putting up all our old lights, and quite a few new ones, too...

We have red and white lights on the trees (and lights and snowflakes on the playhouse... see it in the background?)

Dylan loved climbing the step ladder to help Alan wrap the lights around the trunk and lower branches.
Sawyer helped with "untangling" the lights. Not so successful...

We hung silver balls and glittery snowflakes in the trees.

This year we added to our collection with Santa, some penguins and 4 little snowmen (one for each of us)
Our pathway is lined with coloured lights and candy canes.

Alan made us these fab trees with rope lights and old tomato cages.

And as I type this, he's outside putting up even more lights! We might just win the title after all... in Dylan's eyes at least! And really, that's what counts.


  1. I love that your little boys love all those lights and still get so excited by Christmas. It's so special when they are at that lovely age when everything is just so magical xx

  2. I can't wait to see all your lights and decorations when we come down!
    Love Ya


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