Monday, December 07, 2009

Busy before a break, warmth, kisses

Monday morning, awfully chilly, 3BT:
1. We had a very busy weekend, putting up lights, going to parades and Christmas parties and snowman-building competitions! It was a whole lot of festive fun. But I'm glad now for the quiet of Monday morning in my library.
2. Our power was out yesterday, all day. That in itself is not such a great thing. But the woodstove with its roaring fire that kept us warm and snug, a beautiful thing indeed!
3. My boys with their rosy cheeks and their cuddles this morning. They let me sleep until 7, and then covered me in kisses. Perfect start to the week!

PS: I took a million or so photos this weekend. Couldn't get any of them uploaded yesterday (see #2!) but will try to get a few up tonight. You will love Dylan's snowman!

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