Monday, December 07, 2009

17 shopping days until Christmas!

My Christmas shopping is almost done. I have a few more items to pick up, and a lot of wrapping yet to do, but otherwise I'm feeling pretty good about it. No last minute rush pour moi. If all the shops looked like these ones though, I wouldn't mind spending a few more evenings downtown, peering in the windows and looking at all the lovely displays. Isn't this one pretty? Imagine all the beautiful things you could bring home in your shopping bags...
images via here and here


  1. This reminded me a little of Kathleen's - 'Shop Around the Corner' from You've Got Mail. The stained glass is just beautiful xx

  2. Me too, Cassie! Love that little shop. Remember how pretty her front window was, especially when she was decorating for Christmas?

  3. I ditto what Cassie said. Cute store front!


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