Monday, December 07, 2009

First weekend of December

It's been busy around here! No wonder we are all run down and suffering from colds. I won't write much, as I'm determined to get to bed early and wake up feeling good again... Here are some scenes from our weekend:

The boys put up about a billion paper chains in their bedroom.

They assembled their Christmas village. It continues to grow each day, every time they stumble across another little snowman they like.

We made a really ugly gingerbread house.

We almost froze to death in the icy winds at the Truck Lights parade (we are sooo watching it from inside Starbucks next year!)

We drove to Sooke to build snowmen, and Sawyer fell asleep on the way.

Dylan and I clowned around taking self-portraits while we waited for him to wake up (can you see him making funny faces in the background?)

Modern art snowman.

Dylan's snowman needed a little green "hat"...

Isn't he cute? (by the way, this is my pick for the Point & Shoot post on Fat Mum Slim... go check it out!)

If he had an axe, he'd be grinding it!

And if I had a soaker tub, I'd be in it. But since I don't, I'll head for bed instead. Good-night, friends... Sweet dreams!

E xo


  1. what adorable pictures! makes me want to make a paper chain and build a snowman... except, there's no snow! haha. So Cal winters are a far cry from what you're experiencing, that's for sure. we get a little rain and we California girls don't know what to do with ourselves :) even though I don't much like the rain, I think it would be nice to have, for once in my life, a real white Christmas.

  2. Hope you all recover from your colds very soon. It is pretty much the worst time of year to be feeling under the weather with so much going on and so much to do. Wrap up warm and cosy and all take care xx


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