Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday night to-do list

We are still battling a terrible cold here, complete with sniffling, sneezing, coughs and restless nights. I think we're slowly starting on the road to recovery though, and am hopeful that by the time Friday (and Christmas vacation) rolls around, we will be happy and healthy once more! We'd better be, as there's much to do. We have:

- gingerbread men to bake and decorate
- a breakfast with Santa (and all our preschool friends) to enjoy
- a house to clean from top to bottom and a guest room to get set up (yay, Em! Can't wait to see you!!!)
- a firetruck parade to attend
- not one but two girls' nights in which to partake (and when I say we, I just mean me!)
- a Christmas tree to rock around (I'll have photos up of tree day sometime tomorrow, I promise...)
- presents to wrap (oh dear, so many presents! ~hope we've got enough paper and ribbons and tape)
- shortbread and mince tarts and other goodies to bake

The list goes on and on. It's mostly a fun list, though, so I'm really rather excited about it. But I need to rest up before I can start in on it. For that reason, I am taking myself off to bed right this second. I'll be crawling in between the sheets with my hot water bottle, a cup of hot lemon and honey, a handful of vitamin C tablets, and the Vicks Vapo-Rub. Say a little prayer for me that I'll wake up feeling fine tomorrow, won't you?

Good-night, friends.


  1. did you wake up fine? because i said a little prayer ;)

    enjoy the festivities (firetruck parade? FUN!!!) and take lots of pictures of your darling boys enjoying the season.


  2. I like how your gingerbread man looks like he's lounging in a hot tub :)
    What's your second girl's night?

  3. Girls' night #1- Linda's.
    Girls' night #2- yours (after the firetrucks)

    And then Em comes and I'll have two more girls' nights in row. Sleepover! Fun!

  4. So exciting about your houseguests! But please don't work yourself into a tizzy by cleaning la maison from top to bottom. Those Frenchies don't even bathe regularily, so it's not as if they are going to notice a few dust bunnies! xx

    P.S. Four more sleeps till take-off!


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