Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sleigh ride

What is it about mice and Christmas? They just go together so well. Especially these little cuties, playing in the snow and all bundled up in their woolies! Love them... They remind me of my sister's "The Mouse Family Christmas" story that she wrote in 2nd grade. The one my mom still displays with pride every year in her kitchen. We do love our holiday traditions!


  1. That picture is just fantastic - I cannot stop looking at it! It is is just wonderful xx

  2. cute little mice on a winter sleigh ride! i love when the christmas spirit is in the air...there is something so special about it!
    enjoy your sunday!

  3. I LOVE those mice!!
    Ah, yes, "The Mouse Family Christmas". They were very poor, until they found that $500!

  4. That was a happy coincidence, when the poor, poor mouse family stumbled across that $500. Good that they had enough to buy the littlest mouse a "big toy piece of cheese to ride on"... And that cheese-scented cologne probably cost them a fortune, too! ;~)
    I love that story...


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