Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas card crunch

image via etsy

image via belle & boo
I simply must get organized and start writing my Christmas cards!!! I have so many lovely cards to choose from, and stickers and stamps and holiday confetti. It's all sitting on the dining room table, ready for me and my pen to sit down and write happy holiday messages. I just need to set aside some time (the question is... when?!) and get down to it! December is just a week away. The post office awaits! Unfortunately so does the laundry basket. And the kitchen counters. And the pile of marking....


  1. Hello!!!! I am with you. We always do a photo card and I haven't even selected a photo and sent off for printing yet, ahhh. And then the annual letter, when will we sit down to do it.It will be a close call for Canadian Cards let alone those that go abroad.

  2. That card is just gorgeous. I know what you mean about the time though. I thought I had oodles of time but as you say its December next week!!xx

  3. You could always do it on your lunch break, or better yet, when the grade 6's are working. Sit at your desk in the library and no one will know :)


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