Monday, November 23, 2009

Ornament Update

I just got the email telling me all about my Ornament Exchange partner! Would you believe she lives in Michigan? Of all the places she could be from, it's a state in which I've spent a fair amount of time (even if it was a long, long time ago). Wow, small world! Memories of the frat house in Flint, the cold winter of Detroit, and the crazy festive Frankenmuth come flooding back... I was 22 years old last time I was there. 22! Was there such a time?

Anyway, I digress! I am very excited about the ornament swap. I am off downtown this weekend to find a lovely little tree decoration to send off to my partner (an ornament shopping trip! just like Betsy, Tacy and Tib!) I'm reading her blog to see if I can get to know her (and her Christmas tree style) a bit better before my shopping trip and pretty parcel prep. Now I seriously have to get to those Christmas cards. Why endure the line up at the post office more than once if I don't have to, right?

And, oooh, I wonder who got me?

photo via here


  1. Hi Erin! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    And yes, I have totally re-watched the wedding episode of The Office about five times already :) hehe

  2. what a small world... i love these little realizations like that.

    i am so delighted you've joined...
    can't wait to see if what you get. xoxo


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