Tuesday, November 24, 2009


fab photo via abbytryagain

... these adorable mittens. I know that mittens are sooooo unpractical, but these are just so cute, aren't they? I'd put them on, get myself a festive hot chocolate and go for a walk (all by myself, please!) in the crunchy, newfallen snow. Doesn't that sound lovely? Never mind that there's no snow here. And that my diet says hot chocolate is a no-no. And that a walk by myself is unheard of, unless I want to go out into the dark and the rain at 8 p.m. (umm, no thanks!) A girl can daydream, anyway...


  1. Sounds like bliss! I love walking in fresh newlyfallen snow, but it is a very rare occurance here in UK. There is just that little bit of the child that I think remains inside for moments like that - I just want to run and jump and stamp and well and truly leave my mark when the ground is covered in snow!

  2. PS. They are very cute mittens. I'll keep my eyes open for something similar for my favourite sis.

  3. We may not get any snow and time to yourself is uncommon, but surely you can allow yourself 100 unplanned calories for a hot chocolate. If not, I'm a bit worried about you.

  4. Fresh fallen snow is wonderfully crunchy! We arrived home to 4 inches yesterday and today I was pulling Tay on a makeshift sled of plastic- she was giggling all the way!!!


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