Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here comes Santa Claus!

The Santa Claus parade was downtown last night. Of course we went, and of course we had a fabulous time. We set ourselves up with lawn chairs, quilts, glow-sticks, jingle bells and hot chocolate and settled in for an hour of festive fun.

Sawyer adored every minute. He shouted with delight ever time a new float came our way.

Dylan had quite a bit of fun too, as you can see!
When he wasn't making silly faces he was serenading the parade participants with Christmas carols (accompanied by the sweet sounds of his xylophone!)

There were lots of lighted floats and vehicles,

including the once-feared (but now adored!) clown train.

This one got us excited about the Big Truck parade, coming up in a few weeks!

Giant gingerbread house... yum!

Look! It's Dolly the cart horse, from the Apple Tree Farm books! We definitely want to take a ride on the horse-drawn holiday trolley this season. Sadly I missed getting a picture of Santa in his sleigh (too busy waving at him!), but we were thrilled to see him. We shouted Merry Christmas, and Dylan sang "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"... Then he wanted to know if we thought Santa had heard him singing, and did he like it? Of course he liked it! He loved it. Dylan was very pleased to hear that. I have a feeling we'll be bringing the xylophone with us to every holiday parade, and maybe even the mall for our visit with old Saint Nick...

Afterwards we warmed up in the Bay Centre and listened to carolers. Sawyer was mesmerised. A lovely evening, and the first of many fun Christmas happenings around here. Let the holidays begin!


  1. Reminded me of the Santa float who always used to visit the village where I grew up! I had forgotten all about it - unfortunately it wasn't on the scale of yours though. Looks like great fun xx

  2. Now I wish we'd gone. The weather was just so horrible here. We'll be at the Sidney one this weekend and the sail past. Are you coming to that?


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