Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why bike rides and head colds and a lack of sleep do not a happy outing make

I could lie and tell you we had a fantastic time this afternoon, riding bikes and enjoying the great outdoors. I could say we laughed and played and had so much fun. Or I could tell you the truth. It's not pretty. Are you ready for it?

We tried to have fun, we really did. But somewhere between the driveway and the trail, it all went terribly wrong. There were tears. There was snot. There were children lying in the street. There was screaming. There was more snot. It was the bike ride from hell. Not that you can tell from the carefully edited photos, but it was just a bad idea from the get go. I kept trying to turn back, but no one wanted to hear of it! Which of course led to even more tears... (and snot)

In the end we kissed and had a cuddle and said sorry for screaming. Then we went home and ate some cookies and we all felt better. And we can always try again tomorrow. Right? Like my good friend Anne "with an e" says, "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it." Thank goodness for that.

Snot or not, my life is pretty great. I can see the humour in things (sure, maybe a few hours after the fact, but still...), I have great friends and a loving family, I am on vacation for 12 more days, and I get to spend my days with a couple of really cute little (runny-nosed) boys, both of whom can claim to have some seriously strong lungs! All is well. And I am going to bed.

PS: Do you read nienie? You really should. If anybody can see the positive side of things, it's that girl. She is amazing.

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