Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fergal, dinner date, delighted

This is my godson, Fergal. Isn't he adorable? He is also very clever, well-spoken (with an awesome Irish accent), funny, and an avid reader (just like his mum and his auntie Erin!)

He's on here this morning because he is #1 on my 3BT today:

1. A phone call from my nephew and godson, Fergal. We chatted away about our favourite books and films, going back to school, our pets, the weather in France and the lions in Trafalgar Square. I hope he'll ring me again soon.
2. Kelly and the gang are coming for dinner tonight, with a couple hundred photos of their new house. Can't wait to spend the evening with them, and take a look at their adventure as it unfolds.
3. I popped some instant waffles in the toaster for the boys this morning. Their joy knew no bounds! Waffles with syrup! Hurrah! "I love you so much, Mum," Dylan said. "I would never say that I didn't." And they weren't even homemade...

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