Monday, August 24, 2009

To-do list

I have 14 days left of summer vacation. 14 days to get quite a lot of stuff done. Since I love to make lists, I thought I'd put my latest to-do list up here. Have I missed anything?

- clean out the front entry way, re-organizing coats and shoes and hats and all that jazz, to facilitate easy, happy mornings when we need to get out the door now!
- mail September letters and parcels (a few people I know have some major events coming up...)
- draw up a run plan and stick to it so that I am in good shape to Run for the Cure on October 4th
- find me a pink feather boa (see above!), and one for Amanda too
- do a little bit of back-to-school clothes shopping (am almost 30 pounds lighter this year than I was last... yippee!)
- go for a few walks with Kelly (who arrives home tomorrow night and is here for 6 days) and drink a lot of tea together
- finish cleaning out the kitchen cupboards and the fridge, too
- get into my library and put up some fun new bulletin board displays
- line the front path with the new solar lights we got weeks and weeks and weeks ago and dead-head all the flowers which have reached the end of the long, hot summer
- fill my hanging baskets with winter pansies
- pick more blackberries and make some blackberry jam
- clear off the dining room table and allow only one small in-basket for preschool meeting/parent ed type stuff
- get Alan to put up my fantastic IKEA art-display thingy (the one I got for my birthday, months ago!) and then hang up all of the boys' best art work, like this. Won't it look fab? I can't wait!

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