Wednesday, August 12, 2009

French BBQ, Dance Party #2 and drinks by the pool

Day 5 wasn't quite as busy as day 4, but was event-filled nonetheless. Bette and I went for a walk around Lacenas, the little French village where the wedding reception was held, and then came back to the gite to help with the barbeque. A lot of guests returned for sausages, baguette, cheese, wine (bien sur) and left-over desserts. Yum! Oh, how I loved the mousse au chocolat! Afterwards, Em, Sophie, Laure and I danced away the calories. I got to learn the special French "shoulder dance"... Great fun!

Em and her mom

Mmmmm! I just can't get enough...

Em, me, Sophie. I'm supposed to keep a straight face during this very dramatic dance. I just cannot do it!

Back in Pommiers that evening, we had Em's favourite French boisson, Schweppes Agrume, at the local cafe (not really! everything was closed due to the fact that it was the weekend, and August holiday time) where Francois just happened to be the waiter on duty...

May I suggest the house drink, ladies?

Of course we didn't have enough time to visit and do all the things we wanted to do, in just 4 short days. But we made the most of every second, and reminded each other that we'll be together again at Christmas (E & F are coming to Vancouver in December!), and again next summer, picnicking and visiting (with all the boys along) and maybe checking out Paris along the way. And the best bit? By then, Em will be completely cancer-free. I'll drink to that!

PS: No, of course we weren't smoking! But in the interest of creating an authentic French cafe experience, Em insisted the ash tray be on the table...

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