Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Top down, swimsuit, fans

Tuesday afternoon's 3BT:

1. On the way home from dropping Dylan off at playschool this morning, passed an old lady driving a white convertible, with the top down, of course. She was wearing a jaunty hat, and singing along to something on the radio. I hope I'm as cool as that when I'm 70!

2. Sawyer and I went to Superstore to pick up a few things on Em's wish list. We just happened to pass the Joe Fresh section, and the bathing suits caught my eye. I thought I might try a few on, since mine is a bit too big these days (hooray!) Anyway, the first one I tried on fit perfectly, and is super cute. Miracle!!! It's going straight in the suitcase. Now I will have something stylish to wear in the swimming pool in France. Oh, and speaking of which, did I happen to mention that I'll be on my way to Lyon one week from today?

3. There are fans blowing all over the sauna (oops, I mean house!) in an attempt to cool it down. I like the sound they make, and the way the curtains drift in their breeze.

Off to hang out the laundry. At this temperature, it'll be dry within the hour! So I guess that's 4Bt then, innit?

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  1. And in one week S and I will be off to Scotland, quite the travellers aren't we all!

    Have a fabulous time in France and I am jealous of the new suit and the fact that you need one :)

    ttfn, A.


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