Thursday, July 30, 2009

Breezy, pre-flight services, breakfast

It's Thursday morning, early. Just past 7 a.m. Here are my 3BT:

1. It was a long and impossibly hot night. This morning, Alan opened all the doors and windows to let in what little cool air is out there. I can almost feel a breeze. It is so refreshing, and I am enjoying it while it lasts. The temperatures are supposed to soar again today.

2. An email last night from the airline, advising me of "several services available to you prior to your flight to help you speed through the airport and get the best choice of seats." The email reminds me that I am leaving in less than 6 days. This is really real, isn't it? I'm so excited.

3. Watching the boys eat their breakfast in their underwear (too hot for pajamas!)- toast with nutella and a big bowl of raspberries and blueberries.

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  1. Eeek...France in six days? Oh my goodness, that is so very exciting! Please post lots of photos of your exciting trip! :)

    Thank you so much for your comment about my break up...everyone is "blogland" has been so thoughtful! I have definitely been indulging in a little shopping therapy...'spending that money while I've got it'! :) Thanks again for your sweet words!

    Please, please, please share your experiences in France...I would love to see/read about it!


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