Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm getting old

I am so tired today, after last night's dancing extravaganza (which carried on well past my bedtime)! My whole body aches. My throat hurts. Everything feels like a big effort. I am exhausted and grumpy. But I can still come up with 3BT:

1. This first one is the GBS related thing I promised in my last post. It's a lyric from one of my favourite songs, Ordinary Day. "I've got a smile on my face and I've got four walls around me, I've got the sun in the sky and all the waters surround me..." It's true. I have to smile when I think that I have a house to come home to every day, and that it's here on this beautiful island. Great Big Sea's music always fills me with joy. So much of it is optimistic. And that definitely beats being pessimistic, doesn't it? I'm going to load up my MP3 player with their tunes and sing along, loudly, as often as I can. Even when I'm worrying about something and don't feel like singing. I bet it makes me feel better.
2. There is a lone daffodil blooming in the front garden. Its family can't be far behind.
3. My bed. It's big and warm and comfy and I'm heading there soon...

Good-night, with lots of love to all of you,

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