Friday, March 27, 2009

The best of both coasts

"Wouldn't it be great/If the band just never ended?/We could stay out late/And we would never hear last call!"
 Went to the Great Big Sea concert last night... It was SO MUCH FUN. I haven't danced and sung like that in years. I love that Newfoundland music! And so did everyone else in the packed arena. Spirit of the West (from right here in BC) was the opening act and I was loving them, too; I was right back in university, I swear! Anyway, here are a few photos from my fantastic night out. 3BT later today... (count on at least one of them being Great Big Sea related!)

PS: I've just figured out how to insert links! Check out the GBS website to read about the band and hear some of their fab songs.

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