Friday, July 04, 2008

Really quick update

Still here! Have been even busier than I imagined, and have had no time to get online and upload all 450 photos from the camera to the computer! We have been to a huge family picnic at Beaver Lake, gone to see the Tall Ships(on the windiest day of the year), have celebrated Sawyer's first birthday (on the HOTTEST day of the year), and attended various exciting Canada Day activities. I have been on summer holidays for exactly a week and I don't think I've sat down to relax and do nothing once! Promise to post lots of photos, and tous les details of all our exciting summer time adventures, v. v. soon. In the meantime, enjoy this little peek into our summer fun...


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  1. Oh, to be on a dingy (sp?) on the lake followed by watermelon, sounds like the perfect day!

    Great pics, can't wait to see more, Allison


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