Friday, July 04, 2008

Oh, Canada!

The boys and I get festive for our nation's birthday:

We had a marvellous day at Fort Rodd Hill, arriving by double decker bus, checking out the Viking Village and Medieval Encampment, and tasting what must have been the biggest cake ever made. We listened to the bagpipes, endured the very, very loud 21-gun salute, sang Oh Canada, and waved our flags along with everyone else.

In the evening we picked up Alan and we all went to Kelly and Ed's for a festive Canadian dinner of tortierre (v traditional Quebec meat pie), salad (from our garden, so v. Canadian indeed) and cupcakes which I iced white and trimmed with strawberries.

All in all a festive, and fun-filled day. Last year I was in the hospital, having just had Sawyer, so didn't get to get out and celebrate... Made up for it this year (as you can see from our red and white extravaganza!)


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