Wednesday, November 14, 2007

DIY Driveway

Well, the highly anticipated gravel delivery occurred as planned last Thursday afternoon. The only problem was, we missed it! That's right. We were all sleeping when the dump truck arrived and poured 8 yards of gravel into the hole that was once our driveway! We woke up from our naps (which, I must admit, are sometimes my favourite part of the day!) to discover one massive pile of gravel and not a truck in sight! Dylan and Alan made up for the disappointment v. quickly though, as you can see from the photos. They worked hard, and we now have a lovely gravel driveway on which to park the Mum mobile! Dylan especially loved sliding down the gravel pile before it was spread out, and he was keen to show off his "beard" which was "same like Dad's!" (he was v. sad when I washed it off that evening...)

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