Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Midweek message

I'm avoiding the housework and blogging instead. I figure the dishes will still be there when I go back upstairs... (unless the house fairy comes and puts them all away for me!)

Amanda and Thomas were here this morning. She and I drank London Fogs (mmmm...) and the boys ran riot around us! Good fun. But what a mess! Next time we get together will be at preschool, where the mess is someone else's to worry about! We love going to the Strong Start centre in Sidney, for free drop-in fun. There are blocks, trains, trucks, arts and crafts (ooh, we have discovered how much fun the scissors are!), snacks, circle time... It's awesome. And you can't beat the price! Dylan and Thomas have a marvellous time there, and Sawyer likes it, too :~)

Exciting news here is that the gravel is being delivered for our driveway tomorrow. Yay! I'll finally be able to park in an actual spot again, instead of on the grass. Looking forward to that! And I can only imagine how cool Dylan will find the whole process- a dump truck arriving at our house and dumping out 8 yards of gravel, and then Daddy shovelling it all into place (with some help from a certain little boy, of course)... WOW! Check back here for photos of the big event.

Now I'm going to lie down. I've got both boys in bed and you never know how long that will last!


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  1. We too love our StrongStart Centre, isn't it fabulous! And for me to be in a classroom, ahhhh!
    Is wonderful you girls will be enjoying sometime off with your kids again. Wish we could join you!


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