Tuesday, June 26, 2007

40 weeks and 2 days now...

Yep, still pregnant! But let's not dwell on that... here are some fab photos of Dylan enjoying himself doing all sorts of fun things over the past week: playing in his new kitchen, bouncing and sliding at the park, riding an ATV (parked, of course!) with Thomas at Tricia's house, and making chalk pictures on our sidewalk. He's pretty excited about baby's arrival, though definitely trying to assert his role as #1 baby in this house. He's got me run off my (ever so slightly swollen) feet these days!

Baby's bound to arrive sometime soon, so keep checking in here for updates. In the meantime, send me those positive vibes! I need 'em...

Am off to soak in a bubble bath. Could be my last chance for quite some time!

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