Saturday, June 01, 2013

Saturday morning daydream

Have I mentioned we're in the middle of a major bathroom renovation project over here? That's right. Major. It's going to take a lot of vision to change that room from the current disaster it's in to the spa-like haven I'm imagining.

We've ripped out the floor and the drywall, taken a saw to the countertop, and smashed out all the tiles around the tub {Dylan loved that bit! He wore his shoes and swim goggles into the tub, and stood there pouding holes in the tile with a hammer}. We've pulled out all the nasty 45-year-old insulation, and filled the walls with nice new stuff. Next we need to pull out the hideous 1960s-era mustard yellow tub, toilet and sink. And then the process of drywalling, sanding, painting, flooring, plumbing and all the rest begins. In the end, I'm hoping our bathroom looks something like the beautiful one above. It will have a big white tub, a lovely pedestal sink, white wainscotting, and gorgeous flooring reminiscent of a beach house on Nantucket. I can't wait to soak in my tub with a summery novel, and enjoy every relaxing second.

This daydream won't come true without a lot of dedication and hard work, so I'd better get back to it. Wish us a speedy DIY project, won't you please?

Happy Saturday! And Happy First Day of June! Summer's so close, I can almost taste it.

image via Better Homes and Gardens

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  1. Good luck with your project, that daydream does look really nice, so I'm hoping it will come true soon:)


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