Monday, June 03, 2013

Much Love Monday

The boys and I went to the beach after dinner tonight. The weather was perfect. Hot sun, cool breeze, blue skies, and warm sand between one's toes all add up to the best way to spend a Monday evening in June. Needless to say, I loved it. Here are a few other things I'm loving tonight...
  • Veep. That show's hilarious.
  • Speaking of hilarious, Alan and I got tickets to see Dylan Moran's stand-up show at the end of the month. Super funny date night to kick off the summer holidays? Yes, please.
  • I've made good headway on the dreaded report cards and it's only the 3rd of June. Go, me!
  • I ripped out half a wall and the nasty old vanity in the bathroom, practically all by myself. It was awesome. It's going to feel so good to relax in the bath in that beautiful room, knowing that I helped make it that way.
  • I've got yoga tomorrow night. I love yoga.
  • Rice Krispie squares. Yum! I whipped up a double batch this weekend for the kindergarten orientation tomorrow and they're all ready to go. I may have eaten a few, but no one's going to notice, right?
  • There are 18 days left of school. Eighteen! That includes Fun Day, Beach Day, a field trip to the splash park, and our year-end ice cream party. I love June in elementary school. 
Happy Monday, mes amies {what's left of it}.
Here's to a terrific Tuesday,
E xo


  1. Whoohoo - go Erin!! gotta love ripping out walls - what fun! I love your picture - frame-able don't you think! See you soon!

  2. I'm so happy to find someone else who loves Veep! Aaron and I are almost caught up to season two and are loving it. SO FUNNY!

    It sounds like June is off to a great start and only going to get better :)


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