Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Three beautiful things

There was once a time when I recorded three beautiful things on this blog each day. I gave that up for a while, but I shouldn't have. For me, right now, it is especially important to take note of all the lovely little things around me. To soak them up and let them wash over me. I try to write them down each night before I go to sleep, so I have something good to think about as I drift off. Here are my three beautiful things from yesterday.

Sitting in the park {in the sunshine, in flip-flops!} while the kids played, writing a stack of postcards to some friends of my very dearest friend. We have started a post club in her honour and I know that she would adore that.

Weather warm enough to dry my laundry on the clothesline. Your clothes always smell so nice after. And striped shirts feel very French, n'est-ce pas?

Cherry blossoms. Millions of them. Hooray for spring and all its bloomy beauty.

Have you got three beautiful things to share? "Oh, how I wish you would..."

Happy Wednesday, friends.


  1. I used to get my son to write down three things he enjoyed that day in a journal before bed -- a gratitude journal. It helped him relax before bed, I think. I love postcards! I need to start writing more letters. It's on my list of things I want to do this year. Now to set some time aside to do it :)

    1. Gratitude lists are a fabulous idea. So are postcards! You can definitely find the time... postcards have a limited amount of space!

    2. I'd love to join a postcard swap, but I'm not sure how to find them. I know a few in your blog list have joined in some. Any recommendations? I really should ask more people for their addresses (maybe get yours ;), get organized and get going on this (and write more to those I already write to). I need to find something for myself. I'm getting giddy just thinking about it. Now to try fulfilling that giddiness!

  2. Your sunshine filled pics are making me feel a little cosier sat here - wrapped in a blanket, next to the electric heater looking at the latest snow warnings on the weather forecast!!
    My 3BT would be finally catching up with you yesterday - so lovely at last, to have found a comfy new pair of jeans when shopping today and planning a trip to a rare breeds farm on Saturday!
    Wishing you a happy April day dear xx
    PS: Still jabbering on??? hee hee

    1. I can't believe your crazy winter weather, Cassie. It's neverending!
      It was so good to talk yesterday. Let's do it again soon.

  3. I love this idea Erin... I think I shall try to join you.
    Hmmm 3 beautiful things....
    1. The return of walks after dinner. The light is returning here in the Yukon and it's warming up, so we can now venture outside for a nice wak after dinner.... I love this.
    2. Fresh healthy veggies in our fridge to snack on.
    3. Finding pussywillows already here (we still have a TON of snow on the ground)
    Thank you for reminding us to savour the little things. xox
    I think she would've loved your post club... I'd love to start writing to you once we move (yes, there will be a post outlet)

    1. I look forward to getting mail from the Yukon!
      Pussywillows are indeed a beautiful thing. I have some on my kitchen table.

  4. nice list Erin -- so nice to see you back!

    3 things that are beautiful: Leo sleeping next to me, the hot sun in my car as I'm driving around, the children's books I picked up today from the thrift store.

    1. New children's books and sunshine always make me happy.

  5. So happy to see you back, Erin!

    My 3BT:
    Daffodils this morning before I headed off to work
    A stolen hour with my sweetie after work
    Seeing your blog back in action!

    I will get writing, very soon, I promise. Hopefully I will get into gear on the weekend and haul out my correspondence supplies (how did they get buried under light bulbs, gadgetry and other far-less important items?).

  6. well I haven't been able to put anything on the line yet, we had more snow flurry's yesterday can you believe that!!
    It's lovely about the mail club, such a great idea in honour of your friend :)

  7. Hi, honey! Welcome back. So glad spring is finally there! How was your birthday? My 3BT: meeting my college friend's newborn son yesterday, great books and good chocolate.
    Have a blessed week!

  8. I do so love your 3BT <3 A post club in her honor sounds just perfect. She would have truly loved it. I instantly thought of your answer when I asked you what the secret was for staying in touch all these years. How special to honor someone so dear through this post club and how comforting it must also be.

    One day i hope to see cherry blossoms. They look magical.

    My 3bt:

    Felix eating solids! you're right, so much more freedom (my boobs are happier).
    A warm fizzy bath in the middle of the day while eating chocolate thanks to happy mail from our sweet friend Kary.
    Brunch with my husband and baby today at this new place we have been wanting to try out. French toast and a latte? always a go-to choice.


  9. A post club sounds so perfect, what a lovely tribute.

    My 3BT:
    - an amazing email from my Dad to cheer me up and help me find balance.
    - facing the sun with my eyes shut in an attempt to soak up as much of the rare sunshine that I can without blinding myself
    - knowing that we both have Micaela in our lifes :) (seriously could she be any more amazing and thoughtful, we are lucky ladies)


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