Friday, January 04, 2013

Start as you mean to go on

We're three days into 2013, and I'm very aware of the fact that it's a brand new year. A chance to start anew and make some changes. I'm not making a whole bunch of resolutions this year, but I do have some things I want {need} to work on. Basically I want to be the best, happiest me that I can be... for my sake, and for the sake of the people around me. And because of that, I've made sure to start the new year focusing on the kind of things that will help me on my way to meeting that goal. Here are a few:

Cook new, delicious, interesting foods. Then load the freezer with them so I don't have to cook so often. Since New Year's Day, I've made three different lasagnas {with Alan's help}, a huge pot of potato leek soup, a fragrant spaghetti bolognese and a coconut/lime/cilantro curry. Yum!

Go to the gym and get stronger. Tonight was my first time there since at least a week before Christmas! I aim to go three times a week. And maybe to try Zumba. Have you tried it? It looks like fun.

See more movies. I started with this one, last night. Oh! How I loved it.

"Do you hear the people sing?"

Start recording three beautiful things into my journal again, every single night. It's so good to end each day with gratitude.

Make our home a nicer place to be. Keep it clean and organized {I tidied the laundry room today}. Don't be too afraid {or lazy} to take on some DIY projects!

Get outside every single day. Spend at least half an hour out there, breathing in the fresh air. Walk briskly!

Take the boys with me as often as possible. Look at the fun they had in the icy puddles!

Be more present. Get out of my head and relish all the little moments. Especially the ones spent with my family. Laugh often.

Finally, I've decided to make this quote by Dr Seuss my mantra for the year... "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." I need to stop editing myself, stop worrying so much about what others think and just be me. Because who I am is fabulous, and I need to remember it.

What about you? Do you have any goals for this shiny new year?

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Happy Friday, friends! The first of 2013! 


  1. i love all your goals! I've started to cook more, and i'm trying not to waste food, so now i am on a 'kitchen soup' run which is how mum used to make it....everything in the kitchen goes in it...last time it was the leftovers from the roast chicken dinner and it was rather yummie!!
    I'm also on a clean up, my house is small and it was falling in around me so i've been clearing out for 2 days. I feel so 'cleansed'!

  2. Love the Dr Suess quote, such a great on! I completely agree with your getting outside comment, even more so since Sam. We NEED fresh air and have discovered a couple of great walks locally over the holidays so just need to work on getting him walking now!!
    Happy 2013 dear friend, may it be a fabulous one xx

  3. I LOVE your post - I too have decided I need to have a happier outlook on everything and don't let little things get to me. And get things around me under control! So great to talk to you the other night - I am putting a parcel together this weekend - love and hugs

  4. I have goals, some small and some big, but I love your goal of staying true to yourself. It's so hard to do sometimes but it brings so much happiness.


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