Sunday, December 16, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

Is it just me or are weekends way too short? Ours was full from start to finish, and now I feel like I could use a couple of days off to recover from my days off! This weekend I went for our annual and absolutely lovely-as-always tea with my mom and sister at my mom's best friend's house {did you get all that?}, and I wrapped a big pile of presents while drinking my thé du Noël {merci, Em!} and grooving to Christmas carols on Grooveshark. To add to the festive feeling in the air, we also did some more decorating and Christmas shopping,  went to a holiday open house at my brother's place, rode the Christmas trolley around downtown, paid a visit to Father Christmas at the museum aaaaand went to the Langford light-up fire truck parade in the pouring rain {with my dad, who looks more and more like Santa with each passing day}. It's no wonder I'm exhausted. Good thing it's the last week of school, and in five short days I'll be on vacation!

How was your weekend? Were you busy making merry, too?


  1. I so know that feeling I had to come home and have a little nap after work today. I still have so much christmas stuff to do, each year I resolve to be organised but it just never happens.
    I hope you guys have a stress free lead up to chrissie.

  2. Your weekend looks absolutely choca-block with festive fun! Gorgeous spotting a pig on your Christmas tree ;) Also adore the Santa Claus hats on your boys and on those fabulous horses.
    Hope your last week of school goes well and has some Christmas fun thrown in.


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