Monday, December 10, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

Our weekend was jam-packed. Here's how it looked. I'd write more, but I should've been in bed ages ago...

 Our Saturday morning destination was the Christmas tree farm!

 It was muddy and cold and we did not have as much fun as I'd hoped, but we did find a nice tree. Dylan helped Alan saw it down.

 Saturday afternoon Christmas shopping {at Purdy's Chocolates}

 Taking a break

 Sunday tree-decorating. Ice cream floats are tradition in my family, so I just had to... {it's root beer! not really Guinness!}

 Work in progress. Lights are mostly on.

 The first few ornaments to go on. "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings."

 Vintage loveliness on my mantlepiece.

The boys have their own Christmas village in the playroom. This building is new and they love it. They love the fake, sparkly snow, too.

I didn't take any photos at my staff party, nor at Alan's one. Too bad, because they were both fantastically fun. and I was looking pretty cute at both :) Oh well. The Christmas season is just beginning. There are bound to be more parties, right?

Happy Monday, mes amies. Hope it's a good one.
E xo



  2. Oh Erin! I love all your Christmas decorations. I love that you get so festive on your blog. I need to start posting Christmas things on my blog too. x

  3. I love that Dylan helped A cut down your tree (so special!) and Sawyer in his santa hat :) even if it was muddy and cold, and he's not exactly smiling-- i always adore a good santa hat photo!

    awww santa's workshop is just magical! i am on the hunt for a good nativity scene...

  4. You are the most festive person I know and I love that about you! Your boys are so lucky to grow up with these special traditions. I'm in love with Santa's workshop! I agree with Micaela - it's magical!

  5. Love your tree and it is so tall! I do absolutely adore that pic of Sawyer though, would love to know what was going through his mind bless him!!


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