Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas in my classroom

Grade 1 is a pretty great age to teach at Christmastime. The kids are full of delight and excitement over every little thing- the Christmas concert {we're at school! at night!}, our class advent calendar {the special helper each day gets to open the door and eat the chocolate}, every single Christmas book I read aloud, the constant festive art projects I'm giving them to do, the music, the treats, the tinsel... and our adorable little Christmas tree! So exciting. And now, with the big day exactly a week away, the impending arrival of Santa has taken things to a whole new level. They're just about to burst with anticipation. It's pretty awesome, if a wee bit exhausting... {oh, who am I kidding? it is crazy exhausting!}

Would you like to take a peek into my classroom this holiday season? It's pretty festive if I do say so myself.

Glittery stockings by the fireplace {and every time one of my students gives me a card, I pin it up on the mantle}

A twinkly tree covered in decorations handmade by the class {they are very proud of those beaded candy canes}

Speaking of homemade ornaments, this is one I made with the class- a really cute popsicle stick, cardstock and sequined Christmas tree {Sawyer made this one for our tree at home}

Super cute snowmen {thank you, Pinterest!}

Crayon resist angels with tinsel garland halos {j'adore...}

Seriously. How cute is this?

Christmas library

Gingerbread friends {after reading the book by Jan Brett}

Just inside our classroom door... I like to keep the lights off on this side of the room, so the tree really sparkles

Our Christmas concert is tonight, and the kids are so excited to perform Mele Kalikimaka {in grass skirts, Hawaiian leis and sunglasses} for an audience of hundreds. I remember that feeling well, the thrill of being at school at night, all dressed up and singing my heart out. I'm looking forward to it, maybe almost as much as they are. That being said though, I'm definitely going to need a peppermint mocha to get me through the night!


  1. How sweet, I love all those kids made decorations:)

  2. oh my gosh that fireplace is so fun! your classroom just looks lovely. Brendan has been coming home with so many christmas presents and handmade cards from his students, such a nice time of year.

  3. Once again, you show that teachers are awesome ... and then to go home and be mothers! Busy!!
    Peppermint Mochas indeed!!

  4. Your classroom looks wonderful! You had some very talented artists in your class. How was the presentation? Did you get that peppermint mocha? Vacation is coming soon... XO,

  5. It looks so amazing, I bet you can't help feeling christmasy there

    Merry Christmas Erin, I hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas and a very happy new year :)

  6. what a lovely classroom for the children! they are soo lucky :)

  7. Thank you for the peek into your classroom - I love it! I should know you would have so much fun with the Christmas season in your classroom!! Its looks so great! and Festive!


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