Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When Gracie came to visit

On the last weekend of summer vacation, my lovely Australian blogging friend Gracie came to Victoria for the first time. On an epic trip across the States, Gracie needed something to do for a few days while her husband attended a conference in Seattle. As soon as I heard, I invited her to come stay with us {Seattle is less than 3 hours away by ferry}! I was so excited when she accepted, and our visit was really everything I could have hoped for. I adore Gracie. It felt just like we were old friends who'd been reunited {rather than what we actually are... people who'd only just met!} and had such a great time together. We stayed up late talking every night, hung out at Starbucks, went for high tea, strolled the harbour and through Goldstream Park... and made s'mores over the fire pit in my mom & dad's backyard {even though there was a fire ban!} It was wonderful. I really hope that somehow, someday we'll be able to meet up again. In the meantime, I look forward to keeping in touch via email, snail mail {Gracie is a letter-writer like me!}, Twitter, and through our blogs, of course.

Now, how about some photos?

The Clipper coming into Victoria's Inner Harbour

The boys and I were waiting at Customs, with a cute welcome sign {see the kangaroo sticker?}

The first thing we did was take our hungry guest out for dinner on the wharf {look how the boys are gazing lovingly at her already!}

Fish & chips... yum!

Sweet souvenirs from Australia- thanks, Gracie!

Afternoon tea at the White Heather on Gracie's second day in town. We had such a fabulous time.

 Pretty tea cup

I introduced her to the delights of the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, and we wrote a postcard to Micaela

Last day in town... A stroll around the harbour and some silly self-portraits

Tea, biscotti and macarons at Murchies before the ferry ride back to the U.S.

To see Gracie's photos from this leg of her trip, visit her blog here. And tell her we miss her, won't you please?


  1. So neat you guys got a few days together! xoxo

  2. That is SO cool that you got to meet each other. I have a couple of blog friends from the States I'd love to meet one day!

  3. Oh my gosh that post was just so perfect! And you got some really awesome photos :) That sign really is the cutest little thing. They are so adorable.
    I truly loved hanging out with you guys and I miss you soo much! Will definitely send a little something in the mail soon. x

  4. I just love seeing two of my favorite bloggers meet each other! Everything sounded perfect-- pumpkin spice and s'more and girl talk. Awww I truly loved getting a postcard seeing both of your handwritings. <3

    That photo of the boys gazing at Gracie? Goodness, the best! Too cute.


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