Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday morning daydream

Oh boy, has it been a crazy week. The kids {my own, and my students} have been wild with the anticipation and excitement of Halloween and I have been up to my eyeballs in interim report writing, lesson planning, story reading and pumpkin carving. I spent most of my day off yesterday at a literacy team meeting and I just. need. a. break! Alas, it's not really meant to be. I have a lot of paperwork, vacuuming, dusting and laundry to catch up on, a Beavers' dinner and craft night to help out with, and several dozen gingerbread skeletons to whip up. It's going to be a busy Saturday. Not the one I'm daydreaming of. It looks a bit more like this:  Me on the couch in front of the fire all day, relaxing and reading to my heart's content. And did I mention the living room would be spotless, all the housework would be done, and someone would bring me tea and snacks at regular intervals? No? Well, it's my daydream, so you can bet that's exactly how it would be. How about you? What are you daydreaming about this Saturday morning?

image via my tumblr, j'adore... I forgot how much I love it over there!


  1. Sitting in front of the fire reading a good book sounds like a GREAT Saturday to me. And I can't bring you tea... but I can bring you a Starbucks card. Hope you can use it to grab a tea sometime on this busy day of yours!

    I can definitely relate to this right now. Today is the first Saturday in over a month that we're actually staying at home! Both Noah and I have TONS of grading and planning to do...

    That said, I'm daydreaming about having a little furry friend to play with very soon and drinking cups of coffee while reading The Casual Vacancy. Dreaming about time to find myself.

  2. I would love to share your daydream..especially the sitting by a warm fire bit! We are currently freezing while the gasman tries to fix a leak! It can only happen on one of the coldest days of the Autumn so far :(

  3. Sunday morning daydream - staying in bed well past 9am reading and drinking tea - yes ALL the housework stuff done, baking for the following week done and stored away and a wonderfully delicious dinner simmering all day on the stove. Downstairs a warm cozy fire burning in the fireplace. My saturday morning consists of 6am get up, make a huge pot of tea grab something for breaky head to work with travel mug and thermos of tea for 7am - Sunday mornings are MINE!!!

  4. i daydreaming about sitting in a coffee shop, with coffee on my table, a croissant and just peacefully read a book while it's raining outside. yep, that would be it!

  5. Did you finish everything you needed to do? I hope you got a chance to relax with some tea and a book this weekend. I worked all day at the Student Festival yesterday. It was really great! We watched 007 - Operation Skyfall today. It's an amazing movie. Wishing you a wonderful week,

  6. That daydream sounds superb! I would gladly take someone to bring me tea and snacks. Mainly snacks.


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