Monday, August 06, 2012

Scenes from the {long} weekend

I love a long weekend, don't you? This one consisted of some of the very best summertime activities. Sleeping in. Building sandcastles. Swimming in the neighbours' pool. Picnics. Movies and popcorn. Playing at the park. Eating ice cream cones. And reading. Lots and lots of reading. 

I built it! Check one more thing off the summer manifesto list.

Dylan and my dad

We could have stayed in the pool all afternoon

Kilian puts Sawyer to work!

Cute cousins

Dylan & Thomas, swing kids

I finished another book and have moved onto this one!

My weekend was pretty much perfect. How was yours?


  1. it sounds so perfect! I always love your summer photos :)

    Mine was great too, our parents came to visit.x

    1. Nice! It's always fun to have visitors, esp in the summertime!

  2. Ooh- a long weekend? Jealous!

    That park looks amazing. I want to go visit!

    1. It's an awesome park, Abbie! The kids and I spend hours there every week.

  3. GREAT we went to Bowron Lake and Barkerville with Friends it was wonderful and to top it off they took the kids for this week more than a long weekend for us!!!

    1. They took them for the whole week? No way! It must be so quiet and relaxing at your house! Enjoy :)

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