Friday, August 03, 2012

Happy things with which to end the week

The last time I wrote a post was Tuesday night, and now it's late on Friday. That's quite a long time for me. I like to keep the content coming on my little blog, and to read & comment on others' blogs throughout the week.

But this week I've been busy. Busy engaging in real-world stuff and leaving the online stuff to wait until I have time for it. I'm glad that I turned off the computer and took myself outdoors, created plenty of opportunities to spend time with people I love, and carved out some time just for me, too. I have been having the best time, these first few days of August. And so I had to come back online to share some of the things that have made me happy lately. I'd love to hear about the things that have been making you smile, too. Won't you please leave a comment to tell me all about them? I promise to visit your blogs very soon and get all caught up. You know, when I can drag myself away from the beach... :)

 Spending an afternoon at the water park, drinking iced tea and watching the boys go splashing by {see them there?}

 An afternoon at Beaver Lake, a picnic with my sister, the kids playing in the water for hours {that's Sawyer and his adorable little friend, Brenna, off on a rowboating adventure!}

 "Renting" a bike {they're free!} and going for a morning ride with Dylan. Loved it! And now I'm thinking I might need to get one of my own...

Treats and continued time together

 The beach. How lucky are we to live on this beautiful island?

Sitting on the sand, reading my book {I've finished two novels this week, and am well into a third! I love having so much time to read, and have stocked up on books from the library to see me through the month}

This photo!

 More of the beach. I never get tired of this view.

We stayed at the beach for hours {right through dinner} and Dylan was so thrilled to be able to drop the schedule and stay until it was almost bedtime. Look at that grin!

And finally, the trailer for the new season of Doctor Who came out yesterday! Eeeeeeee! I almost wish it were September already...


  1. Your vacation = exactly what summer breaks should be like! I love it. Keep the pictures and the stories coming...

  2. i agree, you make summer look as it should-- spent with family and near water!

    did dylan see his favorite starbucks girl? (i still can't get over the sweet card he made)

    one of my happy things is starting a book i can't put down (as you are experiencing the feeling too it seems! the best feeling ever). My sunday has included reading in bed with lemon chocolate cake. it's the little things xo

    1. A Sunday spent reading in bed is the best kind!

      We did see our favourite Starbucks girl. Did I tell you she house-sat for us while we were away in July? We love her!

      Keep your feet up and relax, M. xoxo

  3. Ohh you look like you are having the time of your lives. Being near the way and reading is how I like to spend the summer time. I can't wait to hang with you guys :)

    1. Can't wait for you to get here, Gracie! It's going to be fantastic! You will totally be featured in my scenes from the weekend post that week!


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