Thursday, August 16, 2012

An afternoon up-island

My sister and I packed up the kids yesterday afternoon and headed up-island to Duncan. We met Cass and her boys at the BC Forest Discovery Centre, where they have a real, working steam train {that we rode several times in the three hours we were there}. It was a little boys' paradise. And the moms had fun, too!

 Engine 25, also known as Blackie

Waiting at the station for the train to arrive

 Amanda, slowly melting {it was in the high 30s in the valley today!}

 Old tractors to climb on

 Dylan can't resist a fireman's pole

 Kilian and Dylan, hard at work

 Taking a break for ice cream

 Going over Somenos Lake on the trestle {Amanda was freaked out!}

Walter, Henry, Dylan, Kilian, Sawyer {check out all those rosy cheeks!}

Cass and I at the end of a sweltering afternoon of riding the rails! If only we'd had time to stop at Starbucks for a cold drink after all that hard work :)

The Forest Museum is a childhood favourite of mine. I can remember my mom & dad taking us there on the way home from many a camping trip, and my dad buying us conductor's hats as souvenirs. I'm so glad it's still there for us to experience with our own kids. I hope their memories of it are as fond as mine are...


  1. it really does look like a little boys paradise and a fun day :)

  2. Oh god the heat. I know I'll miss it come the dreary winter rain, but I thought I would die.
    Thanks for the fun day!!

    1. Ugh, don't talk to me about the dreary winter rain! Looking forward to our next fun day on Monday... Beacon Hill Park, here we come!

  3. What a row of cute boys! It looks like the perfect place for them to play.

  4. It was great! - Thanks for coming up my way!!
    Fun to have all boys and cute to see that row of 5 hats! :)


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