Thursday, July 26, 2012

Broken hearted

There is a little girl I know whose heart is failing. At five weeks' old, she had a transplant, and now, at the age of seven, that heart is giving up. In the last week of school, she seemed fine, and I remember clearly watching her run and play at our school sports day. Two days later, she was on her way to Children's Hospital in Vancouver. She's received a pacemaker, but it will only work for so long. Evanne needs a new heart, and she needs it now. Over the past few weeks, she has been on my mind a lot. In addition to supporting the various community fundraising efforts for Evanne's family, I have found myself praying {often} for a miracle. Do you pray? If you do, won't you please say a prayer for Evanne? And if you don't, could you send some positive thoughts out into the universe for a sweet little girl and her family? The more love and good wishes the better, right? I have to believe that "where there is great love, there are always miracles." And goodness knows, a miracle is pretty much the only thing that's going to give this heartbreaking story its happy ending.

I can't imagine what her mom is going through right now. There aren't enough words to express just how grateful I am for the good health of my darling boys.


  1. Definitely sending positive thoughts, I just cannot imagine what her family is going through. It sounds like they have a whole community supporting them which must be a huge comfort to them.

  2. Oh no! I am sending plenty of thoughts and prayers her way.

    Poor little girl, poor family.

  3. Life is so not fair, sending lots of positive thoughts her way. No parents should go through what her parents is going through right now.


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